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Sumo pages on the Web:

Sumo pages on the Web
Nihon Sumo Kyokai Official Grand Sumo Home Page
NSK Live Sumo Webfeed (during Juryo and Makuuchi matches only)
Sumo Web Ring
MASUMIRIKI'S (Masumi Abe's) Sumo Site
Ken Coller's Sumo Now!
Sumo Information (by Stewart Nelson)
Sumo Fans - SML member page
Sumo ML Online Archive - The Sumo Archive Site
Full Makunouchi Banzuke from 1757 - Present
Makunouchi Rikishi Database - by Stefan Gelow
Stefan Gelow's Sumo Page
Leonishiki's Sumo Room (español/english)
Bandey's Sumo Page
Moti Dichne's "The Sixties" and Sumo Homepage
Chiyozakura's Sumo Site (German)
Doitsuyama's Homepage
Hakke Yoi! - Kashunowaka's Sumo database search site
Animated Kimarite
Maguroyama's Swedish Sumo Page (Swedish)
Le site français du Sumo (French)
The Visual Banzuke (French)
Da Kine Sumo E-zine!
The Eternal Terao Tribute Page
Sumo Movies
Lynn Matsuoka Studios
Sumo Forum (English)
-=Miki's SUMO-Forum=- (German)
Quick Sumo Chat
 Sumo Games on the Web:
The Best Online Sumo Games
Bench Sumo
Totoro's Hoshitori
"Guess the Banzuke" game
Stefan Schauwecker's Sumo Game
Shiyonofuji's Upside Down Hoshitori's Fantasy Sumo Site
Kojamuri's Odd Sumo
Das große deutsche SUMOTIPSPIEL
Virtual Sumo